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What is IsMyGuy?

Premium Social Media has arrived.

IsMyGuy is the ultimate one-stop shop social media platform that empowers models with the ability to convert fans into paying subscribers and monetize your brand and content. IsMyGuy boasts ten different revenue streams for our models to maximize earnings in the shortest time possible, including monthly recurring subscriptions, premium videos, locked messages, pay-per-minute live streaming, tipping, Premium Social, and much more! Give your fans the ultimate social experience with ease, right from your mobile dashboard!

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Why IsMyGuy?

More promotion, more revenue streams, more features, and more money!

If you compare IsMyGuy to other fan platforms, you will clearly see all the advantages and how much more we offer.

Most fan platforms, premium websites, and clip sites leave you alone on an island to promote and market yourself and your link. IsMyGuy and our partners, Inked Magazine actively market you and our models to our 35 million social media subscribers. We treat each and everyone of our models as business partners. And simply put, the more you promote yourself, the more we promote you.

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How it works?

IsMyGuy is designed exclusively for models by models to be the ultimate premium social media platform to easily monetize their personal brand and content.

After you complete your model application and you are approved, you will get an email that explains exactly what you need to do to get started, start gaining subscribers and start taking advantage of all revenue streams to maximize your profit in the shortest time possible.

Models receive a custom vanity link ( As an approved model, you can share your vanity link everywhere your fans can find you. Fans can subscribe to access your exclusive content on a recurring monthly basis. Once subscribed to you, fans can purchase premium videos, locked messages, tip you, live stream with you, FanCam with you, subscribe to your Premium Social (if you have one), and much more.

IsMyGuy gives you tools to build a real connection with your fans to help you create real recurring revenue all from one easy-to-use model dashboard.

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Premium Gallery

Your subscribers gain access to your exclusive content feed, which contains photos and videos that you select to share with your paying subscribers. Models can also soon upload photo sets/galleries as a premium up-sell. Basically, you can charge your fans extra for a specific group of photos.

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Premium Videos

Your premium videos will also be available for sale at to help you earn even more money.

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Kustom Vids

Fans can special request custom videos from you, you set your own prices and can negotiate with your fans back and forth exactly what will be in your video and how much. Fans must pay first and you send the special requested video after.

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Ways to make money/revenue streams

In an effort to ensure that our models make the most money possible, IsMyGuy is constantly adding new features to our social network for you to be able to interact with your fans however you like all from one platform, instead of managing a bunch of different platforms, wasting your time, and confusing your fans with multiple links. While your fans are hungry for your content, they are even more willing to pay for real interaction and a personal connection. When your fans see that you are spreading yourself thin across many different platforms, they are often disappointed because they know it is impossible for you to actively engage in so many places at the same time. IsMyGuy has created the most robust platform in the industry, with more ways to make money from your fans than any other site on the web. Finally, you can give all your fans what they want from one convenient platform. Work smart, not hard! The following are the current and upcoming IsMyGuy money-making features.

How do you get paid?

IsMyGuy pays our models twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of every month directly into our models’ bank accounts. IsMyGuy currently pays models in more than 50 countries around the world. We offer direct deposit to most places, but cash pickup is also available! Pre-paid debit cards will be available soon!

  • 12.5% Processing Fee
    deducted before any
    split takes place

Revenue share

IsMyGuy models keep 80% of all revenue stream after credit card processing. Out of IsMyGuy’s revenue share. We provide 24/7 model support, social media promotion to over 40 million fans, and inclusion in our email blast and newsletters. We work constantly to promote and market our models, and are always developing new revenue-generating features.

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Marketing and Promotions

While most fan platforms leave you all alone on an island with just your link and your own social media subscribers, IsMyGuy actively markets and promotes our models to our massive audience of 40 million fans.

IsMyGuy has a robust homepage with millions of visitors daily that encourages fans to discover new models, namely you.

IsMyGuy has a proven path to success for models who join our community. Everyday, we offer our models incredible promotional opportunities, including going live on our facebook, instagram and twitter promotion, mainstream media publicity, email blasts to millions of fans, billboards and much more.

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The Lifestyle, Shoots, Parties, Events

Whether doing sponsored photoshoots with the hottest photographers on IG, or partying at exclusive events on Fire Island, the IsMyGuy & IsMyGirl model communities are a family of empowered businessmen and women...who work hard and play hard together, free from judgement and labels... we are a family!

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Who can apply to
be a model?

Anyone 18 and over with a current government-issued photo ID can become an approved model on IsMyGuy. We take extra steps to verify our models’ identity and age. We require our models to have an active social media account (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) so that we can be sure that we will be working together to gain the most subscribers. Our application process also requires a selfie to further verify your identity to approve your account so you can start making money and having fun today.

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